NetBSD 10: Thirty Years, Still Going Strong!

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In 2023, the NetBSD project celebrated 30 years since its first release, 0.8. Now, four years after NetBSD 9, NetBSD 10 brings a huge number of changes and improvements. This talk will dive into the most important new features of NetBSD 10, such as performance and security improvements, expanded CPU and GPU support, improved virtualization and more!

Another strength of NetBSD is its package system, pkgsrc, which is portable to dozens of other OSes and can even be used like virtualenv for development and deployment environments.

But over all this, the question remains: how relevant is NetBSD these days? There is a small but friendly, and tight-knit community of users and developers. The focus on portability and cleanliness provides a good system for both beginners and tinkerers, but also a rock-solid server or workstation system. We will go over some cool use cases and show ways that you can get involved.